Jeff Bagby

"My son is weak in Algebra and his teachers were aware of this and offered after school tutoring to better his grades in the past. That helped him to an extent, but as soon as he started using GRADPOINTTM at a steady pace, that's when his grades jumped up. We really like the feature that finds out the student's learning gaps because that helped us understand the missing pieces to his current learning process."

Denise Campo

"My third grader has always dreaded reading, I worried he would have a weak level in the future because of his lack of interest. Once we looked into SUCCESSMAKER® 8 program and found it to hold the attention of our son, we couldn't have been happier. Now he's the one begging me to let him read using the program after school."

Andrea Wilson

"I really like that GRADPOINTTM gives the correct answer to a problem right away and gives a step-by-step solution to the problem to better understand the way similar problems would be solved. It makes my daughter feel relaxed while learning, especially because she's learning in the comfort of her own home rather than a classroom, which has usually been intimidating to her."