Mrs. Ortega 5th grade Math

"I hadn't heard of SUCCESSMAKER® 8 before, until one of my students that did poorly one on his tests started to get much better results. When I asked him what he was doing differently, he explained the program to me and I was pleasantly surprised such a thing existed! He's been doing well in my class ever since."

Ms. Jackson 7th grade English

"I've always been pro-in school tutoring programs rather than seeking help from outside institutions, because who knows a student's weaknesses and strengths better than their own teachers? When I heard about how Koncept Education filled in learning gaps and the way it helped children build a strong foundation, I was all for it."

Mr. Andrews 11th grade Math

"There are many students who struggle in their last years of high school because of inconsistent learning and lack of practice. That's why Koncept Education is so great, not only does it help students re-learn material they were weak in prior, but it teaches them concepts in a simplified form to learn new ones a lot easier. I strongly recommend it."